I’m Sean. An engineer working @Vimeo. I’m fortunate enough to have a job and work in a field that also happens to be my hobby. I have a genuine passion for the web, mobile and what the future holds for them. I tend to write lots of javascript. All day, er-day. I like interactive experiences. I like right-clicking and seeing it’s not flash. I like right-clicking. I like typography, UI/UX, performance and I’m pretty anal about clean, well-formatted code and semantics when it comes to the web. I believe consistency is key. Speaking of, this bio would not be complete without mentioning my um... affinity, for orange juice. Check the stats, yo.

The OJ Experience

Percent of OJ drank for free


Oz acquired this week
OJ brand breakdown


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Mixely is the new place online to meet new friends - offline. Mixely helps you discover new friends. Mixely facilitates friendly meetings and lets you determine a type of relationship you want to establish. Visit Project