PartyPlay brings channels of the coolest visuals in the world to your TV.


In a collaboration with the Great Pat White Shark, I made my first native iOS application. If you have an App Store enabled Apple TV, you can download it on the Apple TV App Store fo’ free! So I guess I should technically say I made my first native tvOS application, but technically nobody really calls Pat the “Great Pat White Shark” so let’s agree to disagree.

Generally when I have guests over, I’ll have music AirPlaying from the iTunes on my computer to my Apple TV which is connected to my home theater system speakers. Sometimes a song may come on that causes someone to want to see a video whether it be the actual music video for the song or something funny related to whatever the conversation was at the time. That’s no problem with AirPlay. I can quickly grab my iPod Touch and send something directly to the TV.1 While observing different groups of friends in my New York apartment, small or medium size (but mostly small), I could tell some people would be into whatever was on the TV while others carried on with their conversations. These groups may or may not swap roles at some point but most of the time my friends or I entertain guests, the TV lay dormant. Pat and I saw this as an opportunity to use that blank TV as a canvas for what we call PartyPlay.

Whether you’re entertaining guests in your home, in your bar, or that BestBuy you own, PartyPlay is an easy way to provide a little bit more ambiance. Even though PartyPlay is a completely silent app out of the box and lends itself to a more passive viewing experience, I’ve noticed some people being captivated and actively watching our curated visuals. You can also AirPlay your favorite music with services like Apple Music or Spotify on top of the PartyPlay visuals without interruption. You know, unless your internet craps out or something, it should just work™.

Try PartyPlay today and let us know how you use it. We’d love to hear any feedback!

  1. Yes I still use an iPod.