I tend to keep a lot of hobbies that mostly involve creating and so here are some things you’ll usually find me dabbling with. Visit for a list of what others use or to submit your own.

The cleaner side of the office.


My background involves a lot of front-end development but has long transcended outside of just a browser. My home office is being built around that. The desk is custom and most of the wiring runs alongside the bottom of it using a bunch of these. The TV and its peripherals are in between both of my “stations” because it allows me to work on apps for Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, etc while still being able to just use it for general watching. Although some of the links below contain Amazon affliate links, I will keep this list up to date with things that I actually use.


Coding has been a hobby for a while. The following list are all the things that play a role in that.


When I’m not coding, you can usually find me on this side of the office wrecking kids in Rocket League or Call of Duty: Warzone… Okay, not really. But maybe sometimes. I also use this station for learning 3D modeling & printing or game development.


I think it would be impossible to make an exhaustive list of all the software I use but here is a list of some of the recents by category.


Desktop Apps

Chrome Extensions


The WIP side of the office that stares at my back most days.