Plugg is a platform for anyone to create engaging text-driven videos with the tap of a finger.


The initial goal of Plugg was to allow music artists to create content for their fans quickly and easily. Promotional content to share on social media could include images or video. However with any startup comes iteration and Plugg was no different. One of the first and most important components of the platform that we wanted to build was the patent pending lyric video tool which I called Plugg Studio. This text-driven video tool is what ended up becoming the foundation of Plugg.


This tool allows users to create videos with 3 easy steps.

  1. Upload one or more audio/video files to use for their final render
  2. Paste in text or lyrics
  3. Tap along to the audio to create your video

You can choose to tap per word or per line. If you make a mistake along the way, no worries. It’s easy enough to drag one of the appropriate markers and position it at the correct time before or after the recording process as shown below.


Of course with any type of creation platform, you’ll want some wiggle room for creativity. Plugg provides presets to allow for different text effects, fonts, etc. One example of this is the “Pin video” functionality.


Next to any line of text, you can add a video that will automatically be transitioned to at the point in time where you tap in that line of text.

With all the tapping going on and timestamp recording, we realized it was easy enough to generate subtitle files for any video that was being created.


Below is a muted demo of how easy it is to create a video in Plugg Studio. I used Adele’s “Hello” for the example and it showcases the “Pin video” feature as well.